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Corporate Philosophy

High-Precision, High-Speed, High-Rigidity
Accuracy, Speed and Rigidity
TSUGAMI is recognized worldwide for
superior precision machine tools.

Our basic management policy here at TSUGAMI is to contribute to society by constantly anticipating market needs and generating new value, underpinned by the precision technologies we have been developing since the company was first established.

We are determined to achieve sustained growth over the long term, through the provision of high-precision, high-speed and high-rigidity products that meet our customers' needs.

Outline of the TSUGAMI Code of Conduct

  • Directors and employees at all TSUGAMI Group companies will comply with all applicable legislation and international trade regulations in areas where we operate, and will carry out their business activities ethically and in good faith, in line with company policy and regulations.
  • We will never discriminate against prospective or current employees on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, age, gender, disability, or any other factor that has no relevance to the company’s legitimate interests.
  • We will strive to reduce environmental impact, including saving energy, conserving resources and minimizing waste, and will make every effort to contribute to a sustainable society.
  • We will always engage in fair trade in relation to the procurement of goods and services, advertising, promotion and sales activities.
  • We will disclose information fairly and on a timely basis, ensuring that all information is accurate and easy to understand.
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