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CNC Precision Automatic LatheB038-Ⅲ series

Enhanced variation and rich options cover diversified workpieces

●The back tool post with Y axis enables the simultaneous operation of back spindle side complex machining with main spindle side machining. (6-axis machine)
●Live tools on rear drive and back drive are modular type, and optimum tool allocation is possible.
●Optional direct-drive guide bushing provides high-speed and accurate machining.
●Guide-bush type or guide-bushless type is selectable according to workpieces. (Option) (L type is exclusive for guide-bushless machine.)
●Automatic programming software is provided as standard.
●Thanks to the thermal displacement compensation function, the long-term stable machining is realized.
●Enlarges the spindle ID, and bar end pre-turning is not necessary.
●Al contour control II and quick response for fine block (option) enable high speed machining.
(B0385B-Ⅲ/B0385LB-Ⅲ/ B0386-Ⅲ/B0386L-Ⅲ)
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