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CNC Precision Automatic LatheBW127-Ⅰ/BW128-Ⅰ/BW128Z-Ⅰ/BW129Z-ⅠBW207-Ⅰ/BW208-Ⅰ/BW208Z-Ⅰ/BW209Z-Ⅰ

Drastically improved productivity by diverse simultaneous processing.
Exceptionally shortened cycle time

●By simultaneous 3-path control on independent tool posts, diverse processing is possible.
●By moving 60 mm in Z-axis direction of the rear tool post, it can machine with the rear tool post even when a bar material cannot be retracted.
●Highly value-added workpiece can be machined by the Y axis on the back tool post. (BW128-Ⅰ/BW129Z-Ⅰ/BW208-Ⅰ/BW209Z-Ⅰ)
●By simultaneous 3-path control, the time for tool change is minimized.
●Installed Y axis on three tool posts
●Optional direct-drive guide bushing provides high speed and accurate machining.
●Guide-bush type or guide-bushless type is selectable according to workpieces. (Option)
●Automatic programming software is provided as standard.
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