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CNC Precision Automatic LatheBW269Z/BW329Z

Drastically improved productivity by diverse simultaneous processing.
Exceptionally shortened cycle time

●3-path control system and 3 independent tool posts on front, back, and rear allow diverse simultaneous processing and shortest cycle time.
●By simultaneous 3-path control, the time for tool change is minimized.
●By using variety of live tools, even workpieces with complicated shape can be machined in short time.
●Live tools on rear drive and back drive are modular type, and optimum tool allocation is possible.
●Guide-bush type or guide-bushless type is selectable according to workpieces. (Option)
●Internal tool tip coolant (option) improves chip disposal and tool life.
●Thanks to the thermal displacement compensation function, the long-term stable production is realized.
●Automatic programming software is provided as standard.
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