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Turning CenterTMA8J/TMA8H

Complete machining performed by one-chucking
High-performance multi-tasking turning center with excellent cost performance
Corresponds to high accuracy machining by equipping linear scale

●Realizes high-performance milling at overwhelming cost performance.
●High-speed tool spindle with max. 20,000 min-1 for high efficiency machining.
●Crossed at right angle slide construction assures high-accuracy complex machining and free-chip-flow.
●Achieves 6-face machining with back spindle.
●Ideal machine for wide variety products in small quantities of complex-shaped parts.
●By process integration, reduces the number of operators and machines, and shortens the lead time.
●The linear scale on the X-axis slide is provided as standard. It can satisfy the needs of high accuracy machining. (The linear scale on the Y-axis or on the Z-axis is optional.)
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