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Turning CenterB038M SS38MH-5AX

Productive combined machine by the integration of Swiss type automatic lathe (sliding headstock type) and machining center.
Optimum for mass production of complex-shaped workpieces from bar stock

●The complete machining of complex-shaped workpieces from a bar is possible.
●5-axis simultaneously controlled machining (SS38MH-5AX)
●Guide-bush type or guide-bushless type is selectable according to workpieces. (option)
●Long workpiece machining is possible by sliding headstock.
●High-speed tool spindle with max. 20,000 min-1 for high efficiency machining
●The linear scales are equipped as standard for X1, Y1, Z1 and X2-axis slides to support high accuracy machining. (SS38MH-5AX)
●The back tool post with Y axis enables the simultaneous operation of back spindle side complex machining with main spindle side machining.
●Total 52 tools including 40 tools in the tool magazine, 10 tools on back tool post and 2 tools on deep hole drill holder (option)
●Corresponds to heavy-duty cutting by dual contact holder (CAPTO C4).
●NC functions (provided as standard) support the operator from the software side.
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