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Turning CenterB026M-Ⅱ SS26MH-Ⅱ-5AX

Productive combined machine by the integration of sliding headstock type lathe and machining center

●Complete machining of complex-shaped workpieces from bar stock by 5-axis simultaneous control (SS26MH-Ⅱ-5AX)
●Tool magazine capable with 40 tools storage for long-term automatic operation
●Corresponds to long or short workpiece
●Tool spindle with high-output built-in motor achieves high-efficiency milling.
●Dual contact holder (CAPTO C4) for heavy-duty machining
●Equipped linear scale on X1, Z1, Y1, and X2 axis for accurate machining (SS26MH-Ⅱ-5AX).
●The back tool post with Y axis enables the simultaneous operation of back side complex machining and main side machining.
●3-dimensional interference check function detects interference before it occurs, and the machine is stopped by alarm.
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